Saturday, May 01, 2010


Time for a random list.

  • Feeling icky for the second straight day. Could mean I'm gonna have a baby, but probably means indigestion.
  • Piper is SO in love with me that it's getting quite annoying. I'm constantly clawing static-y cat hair off my face and out of my mouth.
  • Ross and I are both wondering how he is going to handle sleep deprivation. If you know Ross, you know what I'm talking about. Should be interesting.
  • Feels like half the women in my May Expecting Club have already had their babies and it's only May 1st. It's not fair.
  • My doctor is out of town this week, which means I may not have to deliver with the youngest OB ever. Yay!
  • Gonna try to do some walking today because when I did it yesterday it kinda hurt, but it also kinda felt right, ya know?

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