Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Two Weeks Old!

Remy will be two weeks old tomorrow! How has he changed?
  • His umbilical cord stump has finally, mercifully, fallen off!
  • His dark, wispy hair looks longer, especially in the back. It's so soft and kissable.
  • According to his last wellness check, he's already taller.
  • His little thighs are filling out deliciously.
  • His feet never turn purple anymore.
  • He spends more time in the day awake and alert. He likes to hang out with me in the kitchen and watch the action. Or the edge of the laundry room door, whichever is closer. :P
  • He rarely cries, but he loves to grunt. When he's really frustrated he'll grunt as loud as he can and scowl. If that doesn't resolve the issue, he'll let out an ear piercing squeal!

Tomorrow is his 2 week appointment. I'm anxious about it and praying that the circumcision and the blood test will go smoothly and with as little pain as possible!


Steph said...

Remy!! You are growing up so fast! =)

Andy said...

I'm sure he finds you fascinating, and awesome.