Sunday, June 27, 2010

6 Weeks

Remy turned 6 weeks old on Wednesday. He is such a smart, mellow, handsome little guy! He is excellent company. And we had a great week because Mommo was here, and she's great company too! She came out to help me after my scary gallbladder attack the week before. I haven't had any more severe attacks but I had some pretty sore days, and it was a load off to have someone to take care of Remy, food, driving, and the cleaning when I didn't feel up to it. Even better was just hanging out all day and enjoying Remy together. I think I will always remember this week not for the gallbladder drama but for the wonderful times with two of my favorite people.

Now she is back home, but the last two days I have felt significantly better and I think maybe the gallbladder is calming down. It's distracting and annoying to be dealing with this when I just want to focus on being a momma to Remy, but that's life. Tuesday I have an appointment with my new doctor (well, his PA actually) and I'll talk to him about what the anesthesiologist said, and my plan to try to postpone the surgery til 12 weeks postpartum. Of course, I'm counting on a refill of my pain medicine or the waiting plan will go out the window.

In developmental news, Remy has started smiling! Big, goofy, open-mouthed smiles. And sometimes he makes a primitive giggling noise that is just too cute. He is a total champ at holding his head up now and loves to sit on laps. He is also alarmingly interested in the TV. Fortunately he is equally interested in the windows and so I try to set him in his little seat facing the window for a little while every day.

He has gone from pooping about a bazillion times a day to going days between poops. This was really scary at first until I read that it is common with breast fed babies - something about the efficiency of the system and not producing a lot of waste. So hey, in that case, poop as little as you want, little guy! We'll save on the diapers!

I still leave his mittens on him every day because when I take them off he
invariably has a welt on his cheek within minutes. But I read in my baby book that he is supposed to start grabbing things soon so I may have to put the mittens away. I clipped the nails on his left had while he was sleeping but they still seemed kind of sharp to me. We'll just have to see how it goes.

July is coming up fast and it's going to be an awesome month! I'll turn 32, go to a live taping of Wheel of Fortune at the Venetian, and host the Stangers for a week during their big cross-country vacation. Bring on the awesome!

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Yeah, love it!! And that monkey blanket = awesome!!