Monday, June 07, 2010

A Great Visit

Ross's parents just left on Saturday after a week long visit. They will be missed!

They cooked up a storm. I told Ross that they first day they were here was the first day our kitchen has really smelled like a kitchen. Some of the meals we were treated to: shrimp etouffee, t-bone steak, jambalaya...and we still have left overs!

One day they came home from the store with five new plants for my balcony, four of them flowers. If you know me, then you know this made me very happy! And they spruced up our plain old balcony with new seat covers, a snazzy new table runner and some really cute new pots.

And while Ross was at work they took the cars in for the repairs that we have been putting off for months (and probably would have continued to put off *blush*). I feel so much better putting the baby into the car now.

Between Mom and Steph's visit a couple of weeks ago and this visit from the Cangelosis we have been totally spoiled!

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Steph said...

oh Kim how fabulous!! You are alucky gal!