Wednesday, January 12, 2011

8 Months Old

Remy is 8 months old today. 8 months is nearly as long as I carried him in my womb (and considering how much he grew over those months is the only thing that makes his growth over the last 8 seem less staggering!)
  • He has 5 teeth and a 6th one on the way.
  • He finally has a full head of whispy brown hair.
  • He can get himself into a sitting position, crawl, and pull himself up to a standing position.
  • He can say Dada, but his new favorite thing is to make a high pitched wheezing noise while slowly inhaling.
  • He loves to get a mouth full of formula and gargle.
  • He eats solids twice a day and has started eating puffs and arrowroot cookies (the cookies are frightening because he tries to put the entire thing in his mouth at once.)
  • He has outgrown his infant carrier and now has a convertible car seat and sits in the shopping cart like such a big boy!
  • His love affair with his blanky continues. He holds it tenderly to his nose while he sucks his binky or his thumb, just like his mom used to do.
  • His right hand is dominant.
  • He still has some stranger anxiety - when people talk to him at the store his face turns red.
  • When we walk into the bathroom these days, he is less interested in the mirror and more interested in playing with the faucet. He loves water and shiny metal so the two together are just irresistible.
  • Thankfully, he still loves to snuggle with his mama in the rocking chair.

***edit, 1/15/11***
Oh, and I forgot to mention the teeth grinding! Now that he has top teeth and bottom teeth he likes to grind them in a side to side motion. It makes my skin crawl!


Jacqui Skibbens said...

Wow, 8 months! That is so crazy! He is so cute! I love all his hair and the teeth, he looks like such a big boy now! Can't wait to hear how his 9 month appointment goes!

Crystal Starr said...

Remy is sooooooooooo cute!!!! Like, seriously, one of thee cutest babies I have ever seen. I love how happy he is. Miss you.

Friar Tuck said...

We are a little jealous when we read your post. Karis is a little behind your Remi. How proud you must be!

He is such a happy lookin fella.

So fun to watch your child grow at the same time as ours is growing. Maybe sometime you will drive to Illinois or we will make it through LV and we will have to all get together and share notes.

Kimberly Cangelosi said...

Haha, thanks Clint! He is not that great a crawler and he only started pulling himself up a few days ago... When they are learning something new it seems like they will never get it and then something snaps and all of a sudden they are doing it!

We'd love to meet up with y'all for a little playdate some day...I feel like I almost know little Karis already!