Thursday, January 06, 2011

New Year

Obligatory balcony shot.

My Year In Review

Wow, I was just looking back at my blog from this time last year...Ross was 14 months unemployed and we were picking out paint for the crooked little upstairs bedroom that was to be Remy's nursery, with no idea that the very next month we would be apartment hunting in Nevada. What a year it has been! Ross's job, Las Vegas, Remy's birth, adventures in breastfeeding, ER visits, late night swims, flying to and fro, and family flying to and fro...a blessed and full year!

New Years Resolutions

Ug, this part is hard. The nice thing about keeping one's ambitions private is that one can also hope to keep one's failures private. But at 32 I'm fairly used to public embarrassment, so here goes:
  • I resolve to go to weekend services at church AT LEAST twice a month. (When I was pregnant my resolution was that after the baby came we would go every week...that didn't exactly happen, so I am starting small this time.)
  • I resolve to learn one new recipe a month.
  • I resolve to limit myself to one impulse buy per grocery trip (stole that one for Brilliant, right?)
  • I resolve to find ways to be creative on a regular basis. (This one is a little vague but I will work it out as I go.)

This Time Next Year

As 2010 proved, you really never know where you will be in a year, but it would be nice if it looked something like this:
  • Ross continues to do well at Petroglyph and is either wrapping up his current game or starting on a new one.
  • We will have recently moved into a house, preferably with a pool and a lot of extra space for guests.
  • I will have had my thyroid out and perhaps be trying for baby #2.
  • Remy will be walking and talking and delighting us daily.

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