Monday, January 03, 2011

Back in Nevada

We're home! We had a wonderful Christmas and New Year in Raleigh, but I think I am too tired to do the trip justice in this post so I will save that for later. In the meantime, here are some pics from around the apartment today:

It snowed this morning! Very pretty and all, but I am ready for some sunshine.

I set up Remy's new crib this morning. His New Year's resolution is to sleep in his very own room - right Remy? (The other bed is for Remy's guests.)

His first guest says she prefers this bed.

Almost forgot to post this one! This was Remy posing for his picture after I came in from taking snow pictures. He loves the camera and he won't let me put it away without taking a picture of him and showing it to him.


Crystal Starr said...

Oh man, do I LOVE that picture of Remy! I miss that little guy!

Remy's room looks so cozy and inviting! You have such elegant taste, Kimmy.


Kimberly Cangelosi said...

Thanks Crystal, I still have some decorating to do. I want to hang some art but I am having a hard time finding something that is kid friendly and guest friendly at the same time...I will probably just go with kid friendly since we barely ever have guests in there anyway.

I have kind of abandoned the woodland animal theme. At some point his nickname became monkey so I got monkey sheets for his bed.

I like the crib because it kind of matches the bed that we already had in there and it had the distinction of being the cheapest bed at Babies R Us which makes Ross happy. Or less miserable, at least ;P

He convinced me to keep the guest bed in there and I am glad he did because it's a much nicer room than the office, which only has one window and a lousy view.