Friday, March 04, 2011

This Month...

  • We celebrate three years of marriage on the 15th! How is this possible? I don't know, but it makes me ridiculously happy. Congratulations, honey!
  • Thyroid nonsense continues. It is beginning to feel like no matter how many doctor's visits or lab tests I go through I am no closer to the end. My new endocrinologist has changed my diagnosis from Toxic Multinodular Goiter to Hashimoto's. So what, I just want it out.
  • It was a year ago in March that we moved to Las Vegas! I remember how much it sucked standing in the security line in the airport with my huge pregnant belly, taking cold showers in a cold apartment while we waited for the gas man to come turn on the gas, and crying because the taco restaurant by our apt. wasn't as good as Chipotle (turns out there was a Chipotle a block a way, but we didn't know that yet.) Fortunately for Ross I cheered up when I realized how friggin' awesome Vegas is.
  • The incomparable Ross turns 31 on the 19th. Not nearly as traumatic as turning 30. Or turning 33 (gulp).
  • Spring arrives and with it come the plant sales!
  • Remy turns 10 months old. That's double digits, folks. Maybe I should shave his head and pretend like he's 4 months old again?

My big boy turns 10!

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Steph said...

ick about the thyroid, sorry pal. Congrats on 3 years, wow time flys. So glad you guys are loving Vegas!