Friday, March 11, 2011

What's Up

Spring is here! It's going to get up to 78 degrees today! My neighbor Anita and I are going to go for a walk. She says she thinks there is a park within walking distance that I've never seen. I hope we can find it because I remember what it was like when it was too hot to walk and I want to walk as much as I can before that happens!

Three of the potted plants my in-laws gave me last spring and which I thought were goners are coming back to life! It's been amazing to watch happen. I have some pictures I'll post later. Also, a rose plant I bought at Walmart that was totally overrun with mold is recovering. I lost two thirds of it but I think it is going to be okay now.

Things are going well for Ross. A milestone is coming up with the game and so he did have to go in last weekend but he hasn't had to work late much this time around and that certainly makes me happy. Today he is going to see Battle: Los Angelos with a friend after work and in June he will be going to E3 with the same friend. He tried to register for Comic Con but it sold out too quickly.

It's our 3 year anniversary next week so we will probably do something special this weekend...probably dinner at that nice looking sushi place in Red Rock and maybe a movie if Remy has gotten over his latest teething spell and is not so fussy.

The biggest news is that the Stangers are coming out for a visit in less than a month! We had originally planned for a visit over Mal's spring break at the end of March but the ticket prices shot up and it looked like it wasn't going to happen but then yesterday Steph got wind of a price cut at Spirit and this time there was no hesitation! So it looks like Mal will have a slightly extended spring break this year - and he's earned it! :P

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