Thursday, October 27, 2011


I bought ten of these (two five packs) and they are wonderful for organizing toys! We are trying to work with Remy on asking for help, making choices, and focusing on one task at a time so being able to keep him from dumping all of his toys out on the floor in five minutes and then bouncing frantically from one to another is key.  These bags are good quality and a perfect size. They have strong "zippers," sturdy handles, and a section for labeling contents.  This is also going to be great for keeping toys with little pieces togehter (animals with the arc, school kids with the bus, etc.)  I don't know if they are available at Walmart and Target but I found these on amazon for $6.99 a pack and I think they are gonna earn their keep!

...Oh my goodness, I am back to update this post because I just had a TERRIBLE thought! What if he puts one of these bags on his HEAD? Crap. Why is parenting so dang hard?

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