Friday, October 21, 2011

What's Up

  • I played around with the telephoto lens again yesterday. I took that flower picture using the macro setting. It's a fun feature, but kind of unwieldy because you can't get in close like you can using the macro setting on my point and shoot and there is just not a lot of space for setting up your shot out on the balcony.   
  • Remy is on day three of his antibiotics and is doing so much better this morning. He still has the cough and the runny nose but is 10x happier than he was yesterday and the day before. Thank God for antibiotics!
  • Remy and I have missed out on a lot of fun times over the last few weeks so we have some serious making up to do soon! Hopefully we'll have a playdate with a couple of our favorite Las Vegans and the King's Faire at Canyon Ridge next week. 
  • Also next week I meet with the endocrinologist. Last time he told me to hold off on trying to get pregnant because one of my numbers was still outside of the normal range. This seriously messed up my plans and pissed me off.  This Thursday we are meeting to see if that one number is back in the magical "okay" range, but I find I am kind of ambivalent about the whole dang thing right now.  
  • We have an appointment with Early Intervention next month to get Remy evaluated.  He has missed many of his developmental milestones so we are hoping he will qualify for some in-home therapy to help him where he is struggling. To say that I am worried would be a bit of an understatement but, you know, I gotta keep my cool here on the blog.  I will surely be writing about this more in the future.  
  • I bought some stuff! Yesterday I ordered a retractable brush for cleaning my camera lens, a stainless steel nob for my dutch oven so that I can put it in the stove without destroying the nob, and a set of 5 envirosacks in the beautiful, Japanese-inspired "Origami" line.  
  • Another item I am eagerly awaiting in the mail is the Teach Me To Talk DVD that I ordered from In the DVD a pediatric speech-language pathologist shows you effective ways to interact with and  teach a child with speech delays. I'm gonna watch it, then I'm gonna make Ross watch it, then I'm gonna ask Mommo and Poppo to watch it!

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