Sunday, October 09, 2011

What's Up

  • Remy is still sick but he is more cheerful so I think he is feeling better than he was. 
  • Poppo and Ross are also not feeling too hot.  Something is definitely going around.
  • Yesterday I went over to Mommo and Poppo's place to watch ND kick some butt. It was such a gorgeous day that after the game we drove down to the Town Square mall to walk around. 
  • At said mall I bought some pricey blush. It is my reward for being such a good nurse this week. 
  • I read The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern this week. It reminded me so much of Jonathan Strange and Mr Norell that I kept expecting footnotes. It was good! Nice love story, interesting characters, good prose, and the lovely circus itself. If you don't mind a little fantasy in your fiction you will like it.
  • The season finale of Doctor Who was last Saturday. Apparently some people didn't like it. Hrmph. I thought it was great. Visually it was gorgeous. And there was a wedding, so it was kind of romantic. Matt Smith and Alex Kingston are brilliant together and I love seeing a woman over 30 as a recurring character. Personally, I don't miss David Tenant or R.T. Davis one little bit. I still miss Rose though... (((sad sigh)))
  • Still playing around with the telephoto lens.  Here are some pictures from early-sunset on Friday. 


SUPER zooming!

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