Friday, December 16, 2011


Out of the blue, Remy unleashed his artistic brilliance on us this week. In 19 months he has never shown any interest in crayons or coloring and suddenly, two days ago, when I put paper and crayons in front of him and he picked up a crayon as if he had done in a million times. He has colored five pages like this. I am super proud and am displaying them above my desk in the kitchen.

Reasons Today Has Been Awesome:

  • My OB/GYN called me a youngster.
  • My mom washed all of my dishes.
  • Remy and I had lunch with Mom and Dad at Buffalo Wild Wings (once favorite restaurant of Mr. Malachy Stanger) and it was salty and fatty and delicious. 
  • My mom complemented me on the way my apartment smells. My apartment with a trash can full of dirty diapers and housing four cats and three litter boxes! 
  • I remembered I have a coupon for $15 dollars off a $30 purchase at Walgreens. Now I get to figure out what fun, kitschy drugstore stuff I wan to buy!  
Hope y'all are having an excellent Friday!

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Steph said...

Sounds awesome! I have been running back and forth to school. Almost ready for my third trip. LOL! Mal's having fun.