Thursday, December 22, 2011

Photoshop and Nostalgia

I bought some new Pure actions for Photoshop yesterday. It is the first time I've ever paid for actions but they were just so stinking awesome and they are on sale through the 31st so I just kinda had to.  Many of the actions in the pack are designed for studio photography, which I don't do, but I had fun applying them to one of Remy's 1 year birthday pictures taken by the very talented Amy Mildren. She is fabulous and gave me professionally edited pictures but, knowing that photography was becoming a hobby for me, was sweet enough to give me the originals to play around with.

So above are the before and after. Nothing too dramatic but very pretty.  As usual as soon as I was done I wondered what Steph would do differently. Editing is such a subjective art.  Well, I guess most art is subjective, isn't it?  And lets not forget the very talented model. Brilliant cake smashing, little buddy!
Between working on this picture and exploring Facebook's new timeline feature yesterday I am feeling pretty nostalgic for Remy's baby days! Seriously, he is going to be 20 months old in January! How did this happen? It is fun and exciting to watch him growing up, but I hope there will be another baby in our future some day.

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