Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Fun in the Sun!

Green Valley Ranch was amazing! I told Ross I think we should try to do it every two months or so, lol! A girl can dream!

My favorites:

  • The view from our room - we could see the strip out one window and the pool and gardens out the other
  • The Tides seafood restaurant. My salmon was delicious and Remy liked the place because it had TVs!
  • The Spanish Colonial decor.  It was romantic without being fluffy.  
  • The pool! Sand bottomed for a beachy feel and not too crowded with plenty of comfy seating to go around .
  • Rose gardens and vineyards. Made for a couple of beautiful walks at dusk. 
  • The hotel bathrobe. It was divinely soft and stood in for my fuzzy blanket while we were there.
  • Resting!

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