Friday, April 06, 2012

What's Up

  • It's Easter weekend already! I got Remy a Mr. Potato Head for his basket since he is not really a stuffed animal kinda guy. Our neighbor Anita brought over a basket for him as well. He's gonna be a happy little dude. 
  • On Sunday we are heading over to Green Valley Ranch for our two night stay. I need to make sure the swim diapers Steph left here last summer will fit Remy! I can't wait to take him in the pool!
  • Our pool here is closed. They say it is for "exciting" improvements. So far all I can see is a new rules sign.  
  • Ross has the day off. He is probably going to be disappointed when he sees my honey-do-list.  
  • Remy is trying out a casein (dairy) free diet. He has been on the gluten free diet for several months and we have seen a lot of great improvements (though it is hard to say what is from the diet and what is from therapy) so I decided to try the casein free as well. We are on day two now. He does not like almond milk. I am going to give it one more day (because they say it only takes three days for his system to clear out) and if I don't see improvements I am going to go back to dairy.  Because gluten free is one thing, but dairy free is almost unimaginable. We would only continue it if it had great benefits. Like Remy starts writing math equations in his coloring book or reciting Shakespeare.  
  • My balcony garden is thriving. My favorites so far this year are the rosemary, juniper and rose bush. However, the lady at Home Depot said the rose moss will be blooming by the end of the month or early next month so that might edge its way up into the top three. ;P
  • My canvas prints came! (see below) They look great! 
  • Reading some good books. I will try to do a post about that soon.  
  • Remy starts his  new playgroup next week. Fingers crossed that it is awesome!
  • Happy Easter, everyone!
(gratuitous Remy pictures)

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