Friday, January 17, 2014


Piper used one of her proverbial 9 lives this weekend. Ross was out with a friend and I had just put Remy to bed when she, frantically pacing the four foot wall that divides the loft from the ground floor while she waited for dinner, got a little TOO excited and fell nearly 20 feet to the living room below. She managed to get her front feet under her but still landed hard enough to knock her face on the floor.  By the time I got down the stairs, she was hiding in the garage with a bloody nose. I was imagining a trip to the animal hospital complete with tears, x-rays, and hundreds of dollars in fees but when I opened a can of cat food she began purring loudly and got to work eating (blowing blood bubbles out her nose in the process.) I felt her over for swollen spots or gruesomely protruding bones but she felt fine to me, and she never lost control of her bowels or became shivery, so we took and wait and watch approach. She spent most of the next 24 hours on our bed and a day later was as good as new.  She's a tough old girl!  

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