Sunday, January 05, 2014

Thoughts on a New Year

An online friend shared that, instead of resolutions, she comes up with a few key words she can try to live out in the new year. I love that idea because words are simple enough to engrave on your heart, but are dynamic and flexible in a way that a resolution isn't.  My words for 2014 are:


I expect that these words will mean different things to me on different days, but today "Faith" means nourishing my soul and marveling at the beauty of Christ.  "Focus" means cleaning and simplifying my home, and cutting out things (like excessive facebooking) that don't serve me or my family. And "Patience" means enjoying where I am at, instead of fixating on the countdown to Beau's arrival.  

Here's to a 2014 enriched by faith, focus and patience!  

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