Sunday, November 06, 2005

Fridays Random Ten

So I think I beat everybody again for latest entry of Friday's Random Ten. Go me.
  1. Free Falling - Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers (Greatest Hits)
  2. Little Daughter - T. Bone Burnett (T. Bone Burnett)
  3. Sing - Jars of Clay (Who We Are Instead)
  4. Tempted - Squeeze (Picadilly Collection)
  5. Jacqueline - Franz Ferdinand (Franz Ferdinand)
  6. Home - Hothouse Flowers (Home)
  7. Til The Day I Die - Third Day (Wire)
  8. Tornado - Sara Groves (All Right Here)
  9. All Creatures of Our God and King - David Crowder Band (Can You Hear Us?)
  10. Thing Called Love - John Hiatt (Bring the Family)

One of the bright spots of last week (week of the closing from HELL) was discovering that my old Hothouse Flowers CDs (which look like they've spent a wild night with a brillo pad) play in my desktop's disc player. So I got all nostalgic loading them into the computer and pulled out a box of old CD's to see what other treasures lay forgotten in the closet. Stroke 9? Eve 6? Creed? Savage Garden? What the....!?

It was like listening to old mix tapes - that's always a revelation.

No Vigilantes on this list...otherwise it's pretty good. I love John Hiatt...Jars of Clay's Who We Are Instead is their best since the debut... "Home" is perfect for those blue days.
Now my spinning head is slowly slowing down
At least my lonely bed is in my favourite town

I guess that would be Elgin. We do have have a kick ass library (currenlty filled to overflowing with plaster dinosaurs.) I checked out some John Hiatt, Steve Earle, Buddy Miller, and Sufjan Stevens CDs today. And bought a used copy of Presumption of Death.


Crystal said...

Oh man I haven't heard Hothouse flowers in forEVER! Scott used to LOVE them. They literally gave me a HUGE headache.

I LOVE Squeeze, I like T-Bone, LOVE Sara Groves, and I love Tom Petty. I got to see him in concert when I was 17 with Scott and Jon. WOW that was 10 years ago!!! Dude I am old.

I remember I listened to Squeeze almost everyday when I was pregnant with Emily.

Isn't it so cool how music is such a strong trigger for our memories? It just plays such a huge part in our lives.

Kim Traynor said...

Scott got me a hothouse flowers cd for my 16th birthday. It was a great gift. He also introduced us to T. Bone, didn't he? U2 thing aside, he's got pretty good taste ;)

Crystal said...

Ya I'll say he has pretty good taste. That boy has introduced me to everything good that there is in music.

Tonight he is with Jon and Jon's girlfriend at the Okkervil River concert. I am so sad because I was supposed to go tonight but because I sprained my ankle and it is swelling up again I couldn't bare to stand for 4 hours! Anyway it's because of Scott that I LOVE Okkervil! If you’re reading this Scott, thanks baby!