Sunday, November 06, 2005

Twenty Random Things

I've been tagged. Twenty things about moi coming right up...
  1. No amount of cajoling, crying or cursing from my mother could keep me from playing in the Fox River.
  2. I haven't painted in a month and I feel like I'm going nuts.
  3. I had a dream once in which Bono and the Edge were a crime fighting duo and I helped them rescue a kidnapped girl. That was pretty cool.
  4. "Lost the Plot" by the Newsboys always makes me weepy.
  5. I'm peeved that Jane Austen and Dorothy Sayers won't be publishing any more novels.
  6. I believe in ghosts.
  7. If I could learn any new skill, I would learn to play the piano.
  8. I chop off all my hair about once every three years. I can't help it, it's like a law of nature.
  9. Physics is my favorite science. Torque is an awesome word.
  10. Reading is my favorite escape.
  11. I would love to tour civil war battlefields. And someday I will.
  12. I'm tickled pink that I managed to be descended from the likes of Pocahontas and Governor William Bradford.
  13. I hate my Traynor nearsightedness and lisp.
  14. But I hate my Sherman Fibromyalgia even more.
  15. Love the canines and moles, though. Wouldn't trade them for the world.
  16. When I was born the sun was in Cancer, the moon was in Leo, and Virgo was ascending, so that explains it all.
  17. I've delivered many, many kittens.
  18. If I could, I'd eat breakfast three times a day.
  19. I love people, but I love being alone. What's a girl to do?
  20. The move is over. Let the good times roll!


Crystal said...

Kim, some of my favorite memories are playing with you under the bridge in the Fox River.

I LOVE it when you chop off your hair you look so foxy! Right now your hair looks really good too though!

Are you enjoying your time off and getting the house to yourself?? It’s so nice that you’re posting again. I have missed you!

Kim Traynor said...

Ah yes, dodging pigeon crap under the bridge...I also loved to pull broken shards of glass out of the mud and line them up on the rocks to dry. Hours of fun.

I love having the house to myself! After such a stressful week or two or three this is just what the doctor ordered.

Lauren said...

There is absolutely nothing wrong with playing the in Fox. I'm sure I ended up ingesting gallons of it too, in my youth, and I think I'm all the better for it.

Sara said...

Very neat Kim. I learned many things about you. I also love when you chop your hair off! When I saw you last (when I came and saw you, Steph & Malachy) you're hair was REALLY cute! You looked adorable!

Crystal said...

Kim ALWAYS looks adorable she is just a rare beauty. I mean the sincerely.