Saturday, November 12, 2005

Pride and Prejudice cont.

We saw Pride and Prejudice last night and I'm still smiling. With all the glowing reviews out there I hardly need to throw in my two cents, but I will tell you that if you're trying to decide whether to see it now or wait for the DVD, go now! It's not everyday that you can sit in a room with 200 strangers and all sigh and giggle at the same wonderful things. The book, despite its uncomfortable observations of human behavior, makes you feel closer to the rest of the human race, so being able to experience the story with a large group of people is a rare treat.

As for the '95 vs '05 debate...I'd say that this film replaces the '40 version and complements the '95 version and that is good news for all Austen fans!


Crystal said...

"I'd say that this film replaces the '40 version and complements the '95 version"

That what I said, that this version compliments the BBC version.


Kim Traynor said...

I liked your post about the movie and the CT magazine review was great too.

seegeepee said...

Hmmm...did you mean tacky in the sense of "in bad taste"? S'possible; much of who I am isn't in good taste.

Tacky, as in "poorly written" (not that those are synonyms, but I'm just trying to explore all possible meanings)? I'll accept that critique, if so. Not everyone can be Jane Austen.

Tacky, as in "not fit to serve as a memorial for a tragically dead girl?" Undoubtedly also true. It's a good thing I'm not in charge of writing the eulogy, eh? Horrors.

Kim Traynor said...

I've been too busy to visit your blog much lately and when I finally do make it back I say something negative...I'm sorry about that, please don't take it personally.

Of course I don't think it was poorly written, you are the best writer I know! And I don't think you are tacky - all your friends would agree that you are a very generous and sensitive guy.

The reason I said it was tacky was because it was more about you than her and as such would have been perfect as a personal email, private journal entry, or if you'd left her annonymous - but not so perfect as a blog entry. Call me old fashioned!

Crystal said...
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Kim Traynor said...

We're going to the ipod store today to get cases! I'm so excited!

seegeepee said...

I was aware as I was writing it that it was really about me. I would contend that everything one writes is really about oneself, regardless of intent. I saw the entry as a commentary on how people tend to turn the peripheral tragedies of others into something that's all about themselves, because that's the only way they know how to process it.

Congrats on the iPod case. If you're looking for primarily cosmetic protection against scratches and dirt, I'd recommend the Exo iSkin (you saw it on mine at Portillo's). However, if you're going to be playing Badminton with it, go with a hard case.

seegeepee said...

I highly doubt that I'm the best writer you know.

Kim Traynor said...

Yeah, I got that, but since it's not peripheral to her parents and friends and there is a chance they might come across it on the world wide web, I think it was tacky to post it.

Thanks about the ipod. I'm getting a nano as an early Christmas gift from Steph and Mark. Turns out the Apple store is all sold out of Nano cases! Where did you get yours?

You are a great writer! I still think that blog post you did about the old school papers would make a hilarious gift-book-type-dealy. (You know, the kind of thing you see at the cafe in Barnes and Noble while you're waiting in line.) Funny stuff. Or a book of concert reviews like the Neil Diamond and U2 posts!

seegeepee said...

Podcessories seem to be everywhere these days. You could always take a trip to the downtown Apple store. They have bouncy steps and a theater.

Kim Traynor said...

I was doing some surfing this evening and found
these guys.
Seem pretty good to me, I'll probably order the peach or the blue.