Friday, December 23, 2005

Closed for Christmas: Part MIV

World News Tonight presents Holy Doors Closed: Megachurches are criticized for not scheduling Mass on Christmas.
(Well, close enough.)

ABC doesn't really add anything to this story (How could they? It's already been covered from every possible angle, non-stop, for nearly two weeks!) but they do roll some pretty footage, including the cool globe backdrop from the Christmas on Location series and a bit of the much anticipated Christmas DVD. Sweet.

NBC ran a similar story on the Nightly News but the footage wasn't as cool and the writing was a little annoying so...NO LINK FOR YOU!

By the way, I went to the Christmas service last night and it was beautiful! It was toned down a bit from previous years (no orchestra or elaborate drama) but still packed an emotional punch with some really beautiful videos and one of the best dances I've seen on a Willow stage (think more ballet and less rolling about on the floor in rags.)


Crystal said...

Wow what a great picture of you guys! You are look so beautiful!

I can't wait to go to church tonight; we are going to the 5.

Just wanted to let you know Mom is coming home today!! She is doing so well. Every time I saw her at the hospital or spoke to her on the phone she was so cheerful.

Please pray for Emily she has swollen gums and we will be taking her to the emergency room tonight after church.

Love you and Merry Christmas!!!

Friar Tuck said...

Our Christmas Eve service was fine. I was reading scriptures...and then running back to sing in the it was not the same as years past.

But our little traditional service was beautiful tonight.

And of course I am skipping church tomorrow to take my mom to the airport in Denver

Sara said...

That IS a great picture of you guys. I love it!