Friday, December 02, 2005

Friday's Random Ten...NANO-FIED!

  1. I Can See For Miles - The Who (Greatest Hits)
  2. World's Apart - Jars of Clay (Furthermore - From the Stage)
  3. Just Going Blind - Vigilantes of Love (Driving the Nails)
  4. Loving a Person - Sara Groves (Add to the Beauty)
  5. Driving the Nails - Vigilantes of Love (Driving the Nails)
  6. Cheating On You - Franz Ferdinand (Franz Ferdinand)
  7. Walking On the Moon - The Police (Every Breath You Take)
  8. Sailing To Philidelphia - Mark Knopfler (Sailing to Philidelphia)
  9. Pulling Mussels - Squeeze (Picadilly Collection)
  10. The River's Gonna Run - Buddy and Julie Miller (Buddy and Julie Miller)

Hmmm, I'm already on my second Nano (click wheel died on the first one) and now the thing is skipping all the time. What the hay?

If I wasn't so annoyed about the skipping I'd be pretty enthusiastic about this list. Driving the Nails (#3 and #5) has got some of the most memorable lyrics in all Malloneedom. (#3 - "I will try not to drown you with what lies behind my kiss/But honey I should warn you, you swim at your own risk" and #5 - "Now ladies and gentleman, I used to be a notorious killer/then I became the world's greatest dancer.") And I can't get enough of The River's Gonna Run (#10). Okay, I'm headed over to the Apple site to see what they have to say for themselves. Peace out.


howard said...

All things Mallonee are kosher with me, but I have to confess that baseling from "Walking on the Moon" seems like it'll follow me to my grave.

howard said...

oops... in case it wasn't clear in the context, that was supposed to be "bass line" not "baseling" (what was controlling my fingers there?)

Crystal said...

You let 'em have it Kim, darn Apple people! How is Steph's iPod?

Steph Stanger said...

no problems with my IPOD (yet)...but the customer service at the Apple Store is amazing they have a warranty upto a year (you can purchase a longer one) you just bring it in and they will replace it...with a smile on their face!

Thank God we have an Apple Store close!! I don't know what other people do because I have heard they tend to break more then you would expect!

Friar Tuck said...


Kim Traynor said...

I figured out what you meant Howard! The Police were pretty great.

The ipod is doing much better. I think the problem might actually be coming from my crappy old eMachine.

Clint, you should be glad you haven't gotten one yet because all those suckers who jumped on the bandwagon early can't download and watch episodes of Lost on theirs, can they? Can you convince your church that you need one for the job - teen bait or something?

Crystal said...

Can you convince your church that you need one for the job - teen bait or something?

*GASPS* Kim, I shocked at you!!!