Monday, February 27, 2006

Day One of Choose to Lead

Whew, the first day is over. I'm too pooped after the concert to go into any depth so here is the day summed up as briefly as possible:
  • David Crowder cracked me up.
  • Gordon MacDonald made me feel like a great big tulip. And I cried.
  • Bo cracked me up.
  • Jack Groppel fit about three days worth of seminars into an hour, and it felt like it. I can't stop thinking about sugar and oxygen and pyramids and wells and boars and fences. I'll have to unpack all that later.
  • Jarett attempted to play 800 records in 30 minutes as the pre-show dj.
  • Darren "Phillip J. Fry" Whitehead reprised his role from last years conference as giant party pooper with the 'don't jump in the balconies or you'll all be pancakes' speach. Hmph. How will we know what the balconies can take if we never get to go bonkers up there?
  • Half a dozen crazy Gomers some how managed, through sheer persistence, to get 7000 people to do the wave.
  • Third Day, in American Idol parlance, "worked it out, dawg!"


Friar Tuck said...

sounds like fun!

Kim Traynor said...

It was! The second day was less applicable for me because I'm not in youth ministry anymore - Bo talked about the importance of mentoring and Scott Rubin interviewed an expert on the Y generation. I heard that there was a good breakout called "All I need to Know about Worship I Learned from an Irish Rockstar." Maybe I'll get the tape of that one.