Sunday, February 19, 2006

Emma Painting

This is Emma, another one of Kathy's cats. I've been working on it a while and hope to finish it today or tomorrow. When I do I'll update the post with the finished painting. Usually a painting this small (8x10) wouldn't take me very long but I've been struggling to keep the bottom half from looking like it was carved otu of a big lump of mud. Plan for today: Finish the lampshade, fix the wall to the right of the lamp shade, finish the coasters, finish Emma's stripes, work on the DIVA charm. Comments and criticism welcome!


feels good b n FREE said...

wow u r so talented!
God is gonna use that if u let Him!


Kim Traynor said...

Thanks Diamond, I love your blog!

Crystal said...

Great job Kim that cat kind of looks like Pippy.