Monday, August 25, 2008

Kanuga Pictures

With everything that happened a week and a half ago our Kanuga trip suddenly had a big question mark over it. I wondered if it would be safe, if I would miss my family too much, if it would be somehow inappropriate. Ultimately we decided that a week with chirping crickets, cool mountain breezes, and lapping lake waters would be a blessing and went ahead with our plans.

What I looked forward to most was quite times and solitude but what I think ended up helping me the most was being surrounded by families. Many of the campers represented three generations of a family. Seeing grandparents, parents and children all around the same table and knowing that many of these families had been coming here for decades gave me glimpses of a bigger picture. God willing, Ross and I will have decades together. This one tragic summer will be a part of our story, but there will be so many more summers, and who knows what good things are in store?

The Cangelosis were wonderful. After the shock of the miscarriage I felt sorta like I was walking around on a different planet than everyone else, but everyone was gentle and kind and made me feel loved.

I have a TON of pictures, but here are a few of my favorites. I'll post more here later and create a new facebook album as well.


Ross said...

I think you should enter the butterfly pictures into a contest! Great pictures babe! I'm glad the trip was a good thing and not a stressful thing.



Janett Sue said...

I think you have a great eye for composition. Wonderful pictures. You also have a way with words. Love you!

Kimberly Cangelosi said...

Thanks Mama, but I can't take credit for all these pictures. Ross took the first two and I took the last three.