Thursday, February 26, 2009


I love it when the weather is gloomy enough that you feel completely justified in padding around in your fuzzy pants with a hot cup of tea in hand and no plans to go out. Actually, we had plans to go out, but it's foggy out and, you know, somebody could get hurt. So I baked up an apple crumb dessert, and worked on laundry, and played the piano, and talked on the phone instead.

I've been nesting a lot lately. With the constant talk of foreclosures in the media, and the looming threat of moving for work, I am growing a keen crush on my house. I mean, I have always appreciated my house, but the thought of leaving it has suddenly turned it into the most beautiful and perfect house in the whole world.

One of my nesting acts was to pull out of storage my old bedroom curtains and cut them down to make cafe curtains for the kitchen. So now I can see the sky and the trees while I do the dishes without having look into my neighbor's back window :P

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Steph Stanger said...

Cute Kim! It goes well with the colors in there too! What is the word on yhe job hunt? How funny that Mark met some guys who work with Brian. What a small world we live in!