Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day

Valentine's day morning I went to the dentist for the first time in about ten years. I would NEVER have done it myself, but Ross made the appointment and, with the insurance about to lapse, it was now or never. Maybe never would have been better? I have awful, terrible, shameful teeth -- about a gazillion cavities and a thriving case of Periodontitis. So I'm going back Wednesday for fillings and Thursday for the deceptively innocuously named "Deep Clean." (((shivers))) "We'll go from there" is the ominous forecast of the dental hygienist.

Valentine's day evening we went to the Stangers' for Crystal's birthday party. There was a cauldron full of piping hot chilly, a fridge full of drinks, Guitar Hero, Texas Hold 'Em, dogs, children, and lots of laughter. Crystal's birthdays are always the best.

So it was a full day, but not a particularly romantic one. Things are tight these days but we have a coupon for Home Run Inn that we're going to turn into a cheap date either today or tomorrow.


Crystal said...

Ugh, so sorry Kim, that sounds painful and like a big headache. Teeth suck.

Thanks so much for coming to my birthday thing. It's always nice to see you and Ross. And I LOVE my gifts!!!

We didn't have a very romantic Valentine's Day either. It was a good one though because we got to see Jami and spend time with her kids and good friends.

Valerie said...

Hi Kim!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My Valentines Day was not full of romance either. But I did get a nice NEW mp3 player since my old one decided to stop working about a month ago. I Love the new one. It is a sony walkman. And it holds a ton of songs. It already has inspired me to go for 2 mile long walks around the block. That's 2 miles. I hope I can keep it up. Love, Valerie