Tuesday, June 30, 2009


One of the first things our real estate agent, Dan, told us when we bought this house was that it needed a new roof. The shingles were curling up and on the back of the house big sheets of them had come loose and were sliding down. Unfortunately, our list of "first things" was long and expensive and we kept putting off the roof until this spring, when a guy came by offering to take pictures of our roof and send them to the insurance company. Why not? So one thing led to another and by 10am this morning our new roof was finished!

Behold, the new roof! (We did go with Driftwood, btw.)

The siding looks sorrier than ever, but that's fairly new siding, believe it or not (we had nothing to do with it,) and we have to make the best of it! Eventually we'll put up shutters and maybe that will help. For now though we are celebrating a big improvement finally completed!

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