Saturday, June 27, 2009


Remember what my rose looked like yesterday? Well, take a look at her now! (((happy sigh))) Did you notice the colors? Those are for real! And she smells good too! I am beginning to realize why some people are rose addicts (check out McKinley's blog linked in the sidebar!) I really enjoyed the peonies, but they burst out one day and are drooping and rotting two days later. The roses emerge slowly and then just get more and more stunning every day. And while the peonies are like big, soft pom-poms the roses have an almost architectural elegance to them. I hope, hope, hope I'll get more!

If you've ever been to my house you know I don't have a beautiful garden. I have a lawn spotted with weeds and I have few designated flower beds that are mostly empty. But I have big dreams!


Andy said...

You're right about the peonies, though I never thought about it.

Janett Sue said...

I always enjoy your pictures. The rose is beautiful and I love seeing the cats. Sorry about the roof and the spelling on your license, bummer. I am having a problem with all the MJ worship that is going on. I can't get the baby hanging over the balcony out of my mind. Sorry to say some things are not forgivable and that is just the way I will always remember him. I had enjoyed his music but it sounds tarnished to me now. Maybe I am being too hard? Maybe if he had admitted it was wrong instead of explaining it as okay I could feel different.

Kimberly Cangelosi said...

Hi Mom and Dad! I miss you guys!

It's weird about Michael Jackson, I know. I think it's pretty likely that he did molest those boys, and we all know he dangled his baby out a window, but I also think it is clear he was mentally ill. It sounds like the people who loved him were troubled by his behavior and worried about him very much. I am glad, for their sake, that the overwhelming tone of the press coverage and internet buzz has been one of affection and not disdain. While that is what is going on publicly I think what most people actually feel about Michael Jackson is much more complicated.