Sunday, June 28, 2009

Garden Update

An amazing thing has happened. After weeks and weeks of waiting, the Chinese Forget-Me-Nots are starting to flower! I've been warned that the flowers turn into terrible burrs that are impossible to get out of pet fur so I decided that now was the time to move them out doors.
This ugly strip of dirt next to the driveway is their new home. I thought about planting them next to the peonies, by the garage, but the immovable Kia is parked over there and would make them too hard to see. They look a little lonely here but I had to pull out all the violets or risk having them overrun, and I don't really have anything else ready to plant at the moment. Oh well, with time they will fill out a little.

1 comment:

Steph Stanger said...

oh man! Now this post is a big downer. Love you little Kimbo!