Monday, October 18, 2010

Misty Morning

We had a genuine thunderstorm last night. We think maybe this is the third time it has rained since we moved here - crazy! This morning the world smells like a sauna - maybe that is what happens when Willow Acacia and Eucalyptus trees get steamy?


Andy said...

Acacia and Eucalyptis, MMMmmmm.
(in the manner of H Simpson)

Steve and Sara said...

Be careful driving after it's rained (or while it's raining there). I didn't realize at first that it's like ice in Las Vegas. Because they don't get much rain, the streets don't get washed much and the oil builds up. When that gets wet, it's very slippery out!

Just a warning ;)

Guess what? I'll be out your way in December for 10 days!! we're staying with Steve's sister near Henderson.

Kimberly Cangelosi said...

Hi Sara! Our real estate agent warned us about that - we haven't been out in the rain enough to experience the phenomenon, but I always remind Ross to be careful!

When in December? It is looking now like we will be traveling to NC for Christmas. Maybe we can meet up at Canyon Ridge or Red Rock Casino or something closer to Henderson! :)