Monday, October 11, 2010

Wonderful Weekend

I am feeling totally spoiled after the weekend we just had. Between the sale of the house on Friday and Ross getting to come home early it felt like a holiday. We went on a date (with the baby), picked out some velvety blue curtains for the bedroom, stocked up on Turpenoid and a brush cleaning jar, visited the neighborhood library and got a library card, went to the pool twice, did a small painting of an egret, bought our tickets for the Thanksgiving trip to IL, and still managed to fit in 6 episodes of Psych. ***happy sigh***

Was jarred back into reality this morning when I had to get up an hour early to go to the doctor and then came home and spilled a full cup of coffee on the carpet.

In case you are curious, here is the egret. Ross (Senior Artist, BFA, Perfectionist) doesn't like it. Well, I'm sorry but it's an exercise from a book on painting in a bold, loose style and it was meant to look like that. Mostly. Sort of.


Andy said...

It'll grow on him.

Crystal Starr said...

I love this one!! BTW, I am starting to blog again. I even posted some pictures steps...