Saturday, February 26, 2011

Love this!

I like having growing things around me. I had some herbs growing in the kitchen but Piper knocked one on the floor and the other one wasn't getting enough light and had to be moved. So last week I was at Walmart and decided to look for something new for the kitchen, and I found this! It was only $8.94 with the pot, and it is as cute as can be!

The Golden Fern Club Moss is not quite a fern and not quite a moss, but it is a prehistoric fern relative. This unusual and exotic plant makes an excellent house plant in bright, indirect light. They love water so keep them moist at all times. The Golden Fern Club Moss is very easy to grow!

The Golden Fern Club Moss is properly classified as a Lycopod, a descendent of spore-producing plants that date back unchanged into the Permian (320 million years ago) age. Tree-like relatives of this plant group produced the great coal forests of the Carboniferous.

-from the Amazon product page

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