Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Pictures from our Weekend at Red Rock

In the background you can see the mountains from whence the hotel gets its name.
With temperatures in the 60s it was too cool to swim, but a few determined tourists tried it anyway. Such a pretty pool, I was tempted to try it too.

The bathroom was awesome. It had its own TV and the tub was really deep (see baby for scale.) The walls, btw, are faux leather. Kinda funky.
Remy had fun exploring the room. All sorts of new things to bump his head on.
"You can have the pack-n-play, I will be sleeping here tonight." Nice try, buddy.

An awesome time was had by all.


Crystal Starr said...

WOW, what a dream vacation!! WOW, just really WOW. So fab. I hope one day Scott and I can do something like this.

Kimberly Cangelosi said...

I kept thinking while we were there how much you or Steph or my parents would love it... it was just gorgeous. Every window you looked out of had a great view, even our room over the employee parking garage, lol! And with so much to do under one roof it was almost like a cruise ship without the water!

Andy said...

Is that Remy's dark side?

So glad you found Red Rock.


Jacqui Skibbens said...

Aww I LOVE the pictures! What a beautiful place! And I LOVE that picture of Remy at the end...his angry face is too cute!