Thursday, April 28, 2011

Continuing Education

Since I joined the 365 Photo Project I have been trying to improve my photography skills. I thought I was decent...until I saw what was really possible through the wonderful photographs of my sister, Steph, my friend, Sara, and others like them. Especially the pictures they have taken of Remy, which rival the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel! I am inspired to do better, but I have a lot to learn. It doesn't come easy, and every day I come up against my own ignorance and lack of experience. It's one of those scary but good feelings, like learning to ride a bike. Despite all of its many joys, being a SAHM can get a bit tedious, and this keeps things fresh and gives me an outlet for my creativity.

When I started the project I was using my Canon SD1000, a slim and versatile point and shoot, and one of the best gifts Ross has ever given me. It's the camera I used to record the growing of my garden, my drop-dead gorgeous cats, and the first year or Remy's life. I love it this camera.

More and more, though, I am trying to use Ross's Canon Rebel, which is large and heavy and has lots of options. The thing makes me feel like a monkey trying to drive a car, but it does impress me from time to time. Currently it is equipped with a lens that goes from 18mm (wide angle) to 55mm (close up.)

This seems like it should be a good thing, but the people in the know are telling me I can get much better pictures with a cheaper, simpler lens that only takes pictures at 50mm. So I ordered one and I am going to try it.

I feel kind of nervous, like if I snap on this lens and my pictures suck, it will prove that I just don't have the aptitude. Remy will be destined to a childhood of grainy and out of focus photos. Well, except for the ones that my friends and family take of him! The lens could get here as early as tomorrow, and then we shall see!


Friar Tuck said...

Always good to develop new skill set and a new hobby.

Steph said...

Kim you have natural talent! With anything it takes a little time to learn you will be amazing.