Friday, April 01, 2011

What's Up

  • Remy has a cold. I am pretty sure he got it at church. Oh well, he's got to build up his immune system before the real germ fest, pre-school!
  • We just took the Yukon in to get the air fixed so that when we cruise around town with the Stangers next week they won't regret coming for a visit!
  • In Vegas, March is not too early to need the AC. It's supposed to get into the 90s today!
  • The sunsets are so much more beautiful than they were a couple of months ago. Those few degrees of movement across the sky make such a difference!
  • I think I am gonna grow my bangs out...just thought you should know.
  • Can't wait to see how Remy is going to react to his cousins! I think things are going to be very noisy around here for a while!

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