Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Reading about Faith and Doubt

The Mormon Mirage by Latayne C. Scott

This has been a really eye opening read, and I am only on page 80. I get the feeling, reading this, that the author is being as restrained and respectful and she possibly can considering the outrageous fraud that has been perpetrated on so many well meaning people. It has got to be the greatest con pulled of in American history. And the thought that it is being perpetuated throughout the world...stunning.

Evolving in Monkey Town
by Rachel Held Evans

I love Rachel Held Evans' blog and, being married to a passionate creationist, was drawn in by the title of this book. It doesn't just deal with creationism, but with a host of issues that are currently controversial within the Evangelical community - homosexuality, egalitarianism, hell and universalism, etc. The author doesn't try too hard to convince the reader one way or another on these issues, but talks in a conversational tone about the way her doubts have affected her life and faith. Her conclusion is that a vibrant faith is an evolving one.

Suspicion & Faith: The Religious Uses of Modern Atheism
by Merold Westphal

Reading the above two books has reminded me that we don't need to run away from the tough questions, and made me think of this book, which was required reading in my philosophy class at Calvin College. While I don't think the challenges of Freud, Marx, and Nietzsche are as urgent to young Christians today as they once were, this book is a head on confrontation of atheism as well as a humble examination of their objections to Christianity and I credit it with giving me a more mature and thoughtful faith.

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