Monday, August 01, 2011

It's August!

In theory I am all about living in the moment, but the truth is that these days I am living in the future and the future (parent's move and vacation) is happening THIS MONTH! Hooray for August!

Mom and Dad are planning to hit the road on the 14th or 15th. The drive will take three or four days and then they will arrive in fabulous Las Vegas! Yesterday I transplanted two of my Rose Moss plants to new pots for them to take to their new apartment. Earlier in the week I bought new sheets for the guest bed so they won't have to sleep on flannel sheets during their visit before their apartment move-in. And some of their boxes have already started arriving via the postal service! It's all very exciting!

(Parents will live in this apartment until the condo business is worked out.)

The other big thing, of course, is the vacation. I bought a new memory card for the camera today. The old one only held about 170 pictures - that would clearly be a disaster on a week-long vacation in Oahu. This one holds 1500 8 megapixel jpgs. Yeah, that is more like it! Soon I will start making lists of what we need to pack. I am even excited about packing!

What fun things do you have planned for August? Or are you more excited about autumn being right around the corner?


Jacqui Skibbens said...

I am more excited for Sept :) I can't wait for Luke's 1st birthday and to have his birthday party! At the end of this month he has his 1 year pics though, that will be a blast! And then after that I am looking forward to a girls night out at the end of Sept! Then Nashville in November!! :) Nothing too fancy, just little things that excite me :)

Janett Sue said...

I am happy that my first new laptop crashed. I replaced it with a smaller one that works so well for me. So glad that I won't be without a computer for a month. It is lean and mean!!! HP Pavilion dm4 It has a better subscore across the board than my desk top.

Kimberly Cangelosi said...

Jacqui, 1 year already?! Yay Luke! I love Nashville, that sounds super fun!

Mom, the new lap-top sounds awesome! Can't wait to see it (and get lap-top envy!) :P