Thursday, August 11, 2011

What's Up

Hey all, I'm over due for a blog update and yet I can't formulate a coherent paragraph's LIST TIME!!!!
  • Mom and Dad will be here by this time next week. (((wild applause)))
  • My 15 month old baby is like, 4 feet tall. At least that's what it feels like when I am carrying his limp sleeping body from the pack n play to his crib.
  • The Willow Creek Association's Global Leadership Summit kicked off today, complete with a controversy. Between that and Rachel Held Evans/ Donald Miller exchange yesterday I have been glued to twitter.
  • The evangelical drama has been a much needed distraction from the junior high drama going on in my online mommy group. (No offense if you are from the group and you read this, I just don't like the popularity contests and the penis jokes. I am old and prissy.)
  • Bought a cake at the grocery store today. Ross is out playing 40k with his buddies so that means I get said cake all to myself. It also means I get to watch Antiques Road Show. But I am not. Instead I am writing this lame blog post.
  • It's hot! Things that were fun in May are almost unbearable now. Remy is as red as a lobster by the time we get back from the mailbox. I think we are ready for fall.
  • Am thankful every day that I have a routine. Routine, routine, routine. It's not very glamorous but I am pretty sure it is the only thing that has saved me from being a terrible SAHM.
  • That's it for this blog post! Gonna go watch the last 8 minutes of Antiques Road Show. Which I am pretty sure is going to be mostly the "sponsored by" stuff.

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