Monday, January 16, 2012

Monday Musings

  • The baby is sick again so I haven't gotten enough sleep and can not properly compose a thought. But that is not going to stop me from blogging because this blog is not that fancy.
  • My amazing mama came over today to watch Remy so I could go do the shopping all by myself. It was lovely and I was slooooow. 
  • I am pretty sure I rock because in addition to grocery shopping I somehow also managed to vacuum and sweep, do laundry and dishes, get the mail, spend a bunch of time playing with  the buddy, turn on my husband's computer, locate files, and copy them onto my mom's flash drive. And this is a MONDAY. 
  • Ross and I are totally enjoying Downton Abbey on PBS. 
  • On Netflix, Ross is enjoying Flashpoint. Remy is enjoying Gnomeo & Juliet. I am tentatively checking out Portlandia. (Some of it is funny.)  
  • I need to make an appointment for an eye exam. I've needed to for a year but suddenly I feel like if I was wearing glasses with the right prescription somehow it would make everything easier. I plan to fully enjoy this delusion until I get my new glasses and my problems do not magically go away.  
  • I love reminding myself that this is the heart of winter and it is going to get nicer and nicer from here because, honestly, this ain't bad.  
  • Remy is 20 months old. The gap between him and the other kids in his nursery and my online mommy group is showing a lot more now than it did just three months ago. I am so eager to get things really moving with EI. Not in an intense tiger-mom kind of way, just in a help me,  I am in over my head kind of way. 
  • My husband just walked in with McDonald's. Peace out, yo. 

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