Sunday, January 29, 2012


By the end of a week full of sickness, way-too-early mornings, and various disappointments I was feeling burnt out, so Remy and I took our Sabbath rest a day early. Yesterday we did everything the easy way. I forgave myself if I gave him a toy without prompting for the word. If he gestured for his binky, I gave it to him. I didn't set the timer for mandatory floor play once the whole day. We watched Toy Story three times. Mom and Dad came over and I didn't make them coffee. I didn't do laundry or dishes. Instead, I lied on the couch and Remy, delighted at the sight, came and sat on my stomach.

Thankfully, I feel so much better today.  I think Remy feels better too. Today, the actual Sabbath, we are getting back on task - but it is nice to know that we can take a break and the world will keep spinning.

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