Friday, January 27, 2012


I started this week feeling so positive because of Remy's progress in imaginative play and attempts at naming things but by the end of the week (after his therapist cancelled twice due to illness) I am feeling overwhelmed. We have been trying to take him off the pacifier except in designated spots like his pack-n-play and crib and, while he is vocalizing more, he is also stimming a LOT more and seems much more sensitive to what should be minor distresses like being touched unexpectedly or getting snot on the back of his hand.  He is also more intolerant of me trying to engage him and share in his play. Sometimes I cheat and give him his binky but then I wonder if I am being flexible or if I am making things worse. Heck, I think I am being flexible. As his Mom, I know when he has had too much and at the point learning is not happening anyway. Well, his therapist says she will be here Monday, Tuesday and Thursday next week so hopefully she can see what I am talking about and tell me what the heck to do!

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Steph said...

grrr, I am so frustrated with her for not showing up 2 times in a row. She is getting an f in my book. Hope next week is better!! Love you sister!! you are good enough, your smart enough, and gosh darn it people like you!