Sunday, July 22, 2012


Man, does time move slower when you are waiting on an approval for a short sale or what? It seems like it. It is only Sunday, so no chance of any word today. I am staying distracted by thinking about what we could do with the place if we get it.

Here is the kitchen as it is today.
Here is what a neighbor with a nearly identical house did with the same kitchen. (The dog makes a great accessory, doesn't he?) I think the white would look better with the granite counter-tops in the house above than their white ones, but worse with the white stove and microwave. Definitely an option though! If I get too lazy or busy or broke then I hope my collection of colorful dishtowels and lime green rug would distract from the oak.  A kitchen with orange cabinets needs a lot of green and blue to balance it out.  

Here is the formal living room (as viewed from the dining room looking toward the front door.) My favorite thing about it currently is the plant in the corner. That thing is BIG and green and makes me happy.  

Here is what the neighbors did with the same space (as viewed from the loft at the top of the stairs.) I like that they also have a plant. Plants are good. And I like that the only thing they have done to the windows are some discreet white blinds. The space seems bigger and brighter. I also like the area rug but I would probably want a slightly more dramatic punch of color, maybe some coral colored pillows or something. (Ever since we got back from Hawaii I have been very drawn to tropical things but you have to be careful because it can be a little disorienting to walk out of the desert and into someone's tropical themed living room.  So, like, no silk Birds of Paradise or oversized fish etchings.) 

Below is the family room (or den or whatever) as seen from the breakfast nook. I don't understand the solid navy curtains and there is a sad lack of the color green, don't you think? A large chunk of orange wood houses the TV. I would be okay if that is not really a built in and they took it with them.  I love the fireplace though and that we will be able to fit our big sectional couch in here. 

Here is what the neighbors did. An updated ceiling fan, more blinds (I would love plantation shutters but I have a child to feed) and a nice area rug.  I also doubt they have an orange entertainment center lurking left of view. Nice, but I would prefer a little more Hawaii.

Anyway, that was a pleasant way to waste a few minutes. Keeping my fingers crossed!

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Steph Stanger said...

So cute Kim. Hope it all works out. I like your tropical theme. Also, coral is very in right now.=)