Saturday, July 28, 2012

What's Up

  • We had Remy's neuropsych evaluation and she concurred with the original diagnosis of autism. Today I got a letter from our insurance company letting us know that Remy has been approved for 48 one hour sessions of ABA therapy. This is nice but 48 hours is only two months of therapy, if that. I spoke with the company who will be providing the ABA, and they said that when we have used up the 48 hours we will submit for more hours. She didn't sound worried so I will try not to worry.  
  • Things are going well for Ross at work. End of Nations is in beta now and Ross is really happy with the way it has come together. He says it looks good and is fun to play. He may be a little biased but the buzz in the gaming community has been positive as well. Our fingers are crossed that it will do really well when it has it's wide release later this year! 
  • It has been a week since our offer was approved by the seller and we still haven't heard from the bank. Short sales are scary but the good news is that earlier this year Bank of America (who holds the mortgage on this house) revamped their short sale process and now returns an answer on short sales in three weeks or less. So just two weeks to go. (But hopefully less!) 
  • Vegas in the summer is hot. Like, really hot! I am ready for fall! And I am super excited about the prospect of going through next summer with my own pool! 
  • Remy is becoming such a big boy! He can pull up his pants, drink out of a big boy cup, shakes his head "no" at anything that doesn't completely appeal to him, and walk up and down the stairs with just a hand to hold.  But he still likes to curl up in my lap on the rocking chair, thank you God! 

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