Saturday, November 09, 2013

Family Involvement Day: Gymboree

Once a  month Remy's class has a "Family Involvement Day" when class is canceled but a one hour activity is set up for the whole family. This month they invited Gymboree to come and give a taste of what their classes are like for the kids.  One of the regular-ed classes joined us for the first half of the event but after that we had the instructor (and all the parachute!) to ourselves.

It was fun to see Remy with his classmates. The boys didn't really talk to each other, but they were sweet with one another and had a great time running around together.  I was surprised at how often Remy separated from the group and had to be led back into the activities. He is definitely not shy at home, but with so many new faces you could tell that he wanted to enjoy things from a little further back.  I was really impressed (once again) with his teacher, Miss Vicky. She was so affectionate and tuned in with the kids, definitely the kind of person you can feel awesome about leaving your child with for 6.5 hours of the day!

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