Monday, November 25, 2013

What's Up

Remy is splitting his time between the vacuums and superheroes. Thanks to the Lego Marvel game his favorites right now are Hulk and Iron Man. I have to keep reminding him that just because Hulk can throw things around doesn't mean that Remy should. Here he is playing in the bathroom sink with Hulk and a fire engine.

Mom has been sewing like mad for her ETSY sight. She made 6 of these adorable elves and I was lucky enough to get one before they all sold out! Mine is sitting on the fireplace mantle and I can't wait to get the Christmas decorations out of the garage and start decorating so that he isn't so lonely!

We had three days of non-stop rain here. That's an uncommon thing around here. I love the sun. Living here, I think I have actually become addicted to the sun. But it was a perfect opportunity to get nice and cozy with the fireplace going, thick socks on, and holiday scented candles burning. It wasn't so good for the roses. Here is one I rescued from the rain.

After three days of rain the clouds finally lifted on Sunday morning and this was the view from our bedroom. Snow! It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!

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