Sunday, January 22, 2006

Malachy Portraint WIP IV

So this is what Malachy's painting looked like when I got to work on it this afternoon. This photo was taken using some of our finest winter daylight, which is why it looks a bit bluish.

This is what the painting looks like right now after hours of pain-in-the-ass work. And except for the fact that the light source is a yellow lightbulb instead of some daylight, it hardly looks any different! I spent almost the entire time working on the shadow on his left cheek and now he looks like he's got a sunburn! Oh well, there is always tomorrow.

Here's a close-up of my problem area. I had to completely overhaul this area, not once, but twice! The first time I was almost finished when I noticed a spot of water on the canvas and when I went to wipe it away it took of all the new paint underneath it. So I scrambled to patch the little hole of paint, but the work was still so wet that my brush just made the hole even bigger! So I had to take a break and then come back and start over from scratch! I'm hoping that tomorrow I can tone down some of the redness, fix that jowely thing and get to work on the hair.


Sara said...

Kim, I noticed a big difference in his cheek area. Don't get me wrong, I think the first one is very good, but you perfected it. It does look a little red... but I like it alot. It looks so real and natural. He looks like he was playing all day and is tired now... I really like it!!! AWESOME job!!!

Crystal said...

I think your hard work shows Kim. I didn't notice it before but in the first one his cheek looks flat on the one side. Now it looks soft and rosy just like a baby cheeks would look. You really have a rare gift Kim.

How are you feeling??

Kim Traynor said...

Feeling HORRIBLE, thanks for asking! My shoulders hurt so bad I had to put the painting on the floor and kneel in front of it because I couldn't hold my arms up any more. I have to stand to use my computer because even resting my arm on the desk to use the mouse hurts like heck. I'm feeling very sorry for myself and wondering why the heck I let my Ultram perscription expire. But what I really want is Vicodin and the sweet warm fuzzies it brings...sigh.

Thanks for the encouraging words guys!

Crystal said...

Oh Kim, I am sad to hear that. I know how crippling life is when your body is in just so much physical pain. Like when I hurt my back REALLY bad those two times. Little tiny things you do without a second thought everyday seemed impossible, well not just seemed they WERE impossible. I am so sorry though that you have to endure this kind of pain all the time. I can't imagine. Even though I am not in any kind of pain other than the usual acts from just a normal day Vicodin sound like Heaven to me too!! I had it once after I had Madison (because of my back!) and it was AWESOME!

Kim Traynor said...

Kids, remember, never take pain pills unless you are in terrible pain and they were perscribed to you (or your close friend) by a doctor.