Saturday, January 21, 2006

Something to Look Forward To

I joined North Light Book Club. (I'm a sucker for book and music clubs.) The deal was buy one for a reduced price and get three free. Sounds good to me! So in a couple of weeks I should have these and I'm so excited!

Animals! I love animals! And there is an entire section of little animals! Little animals are the best!

This book is to help me sell my art so that I can make some money and buy a new easel and and pay off my car and get a cool artist's loft and take some art classes downtown and...the possibilities are endless!

This book is gonna help me A LOT! I'm terrible at clothes - they always turn out stiff and bumpy and very unconvincing. And you can never get too much practice drawing people.

After all the trouble I've had with blending acrylics I'm ready for oils. This is supposed to be a great book for folks that aren't new to painting, but are new to oils. It also has lots of pretty pictures and I love the colors - I'm ready to get away from all the gray and brown I've been using lately.


Beef Fritters said...

So like, can you draw naked ladies and stuff?

Crystal said...

Kim I think the romantic oil painting book looks amazing. If you like to paint with oils after you tired it out I think I wouldn't mind a romantic shabby oil painting from you. I would totally pay for it, or accept another amazing painting for my birthday!!!

Kim Traynor said...

Hmmmm, I think I feel some inspiration comin' on...a victorian style shabby chic oil painting of a NUDE! Now that's something you don't see everyday!

Noah, I've never drawn a naked lady, but I imagine it would be much easier for me than a lady with clothes on...