Friday, January 20, 2006


I've resolved to practice drawing every day. Folks in the know say it is the best thing you can do for your painting skills. Here are a couple of recent ones.

This is a sketch of one of the Misses Vickers from the painting, The Misses Vickers by Sargent. She's the bookish one. I only finished her face and her hair. Her outfit is black velvet and satin with flowers and feathers...way more than I have the skills or the patience for. I should try to finish her hands though, they are both at very odd angles and would make good practice.

Here's a closeup. My Miss Vicker's eyebrows are more tame than the original, and my Miss Vicker's mouth looks a little too tight, I don't know why. I also drew her neckline too low. This is based on Scott Burdick's Wild Grass Near Everst, Tibet. (I wish I were better at drawing clothes! I ordered a book called Drawing the Clothed Figure. That should help.) I love the artwork of Scott Burdick and his wife, Susan Lyon. To see some of their beautiful, inspiring work check out their website.

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